The_Eccentric’s Social Experiment

<The_Eccentric> o yeah
<The_Eccentric> for got anyone still wanna know about my social-experiment
<The_Eccentric> quite simple
<The_Eccentric> one but still would like to shar
<The_Eccentric> e
<The_Eccentric> topic *apperance*
<The_Eccentric> and how it plays part of peoples preception and descions
<The_Eccentric> target: two employees @ a local computer shop
<The_Eccentric> about a two week long process
<The_Eccentric> week :1
<The_Eccentric> i was dressed in mediorce clothes (everday, stuff you would wear around the house)
<The_Eccentric> hair was lil messed up
<The_Eccentric> dingy shoes
<The_Eccentric> etc etc
<The_Eccentric> just painting a picture
<The_Eccentric> went in there looking for a tower/case for a computer i was building
<The_Eccentric> pretty small place, asked about the cases he had, small selction to had one model lol
<The_Eccentric> looks like a father son combo working there
<The_Eccentric> father is the dominent one
<The_Eccentric> does all the talking
<The_Eccentric> with out even thinking/second guessing he gave me a price
<The_Eccentric> somthing around 29.99
<The_Eccentric> somewhere around there
<The_Eccentric> ok said i was just looking around so i would come back later
<The_Eccentric> 1 week one over
<The_Eccentric> lol week 1 over*
<The_Eccentric> week 2
<The_Eccentric> i pay close attention to detail to my apperance for sake of the experiment
<The_Eccentric> fresh shower
<The_Eccentric> hair brushed and greased and all
<The_Eccentric> nice clothes you would where out somewhere, make me stand out more
<The_Eccentric> atm had an rental for other reason’s
<The_Eccentric> it was a ‘09
<The_Eccentric> but you get my drift
<The_Eccentric> pull in to the place with making sure it in front of a window, so attention would be focused on my car
<The_Eccentric> also to make a quick judgement for there part
<The_Eccentric> go in i can tell he does remeber me , b/c he speaks as if its my 1st time there
<The_Eccentric> go about the same way ask about the casees
<The_Eccentric> this time
<The_Eccentric> he waits , analyzes his descion,
<The_Eccentric> even gets an second opion with his son
* The_Eccentric is hearing this all in the backround
<The_Eccentric> he comes back out and give me the price of 69.99
<The_Eccentric> lmao
<The_Eccentric> im thinking wtf
<The_Eccentric> but still plays it cool says i will come back later to purchase
<The_Eccentric> jest of the whole experiment, the to workers tried to take advantage of me off just my apperance, b/c the preception was that i was as dave chapplle says “RIICH B***!”

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